6 Principles For Fixing Puffy, Baggy Eyes

 bags under the eyes can be a sign of ill health fix puffy baggy eyes
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 bags under the eyes can be a sign of ill health fix puffy baggy eyes

Find The Causes Of Your Eye Bags

It is not an uncommon experience for many of us to occasionally have bags under the eyes that make it look like someone stuffed cotton balls there. This can be caused by merely having a long night out, but there are times when the cause is something else. Many people who experience these bags under their eyes don't even drink and never stay out particularly late. For those who are still young and suddenly find themselves with these bags, it can be quite disturbing. But you may be able to, in fact, fix puffy, baggy eyes depending on the causes.

If this has happened to you, then you will certainly want to understand why. For that reason, we will talk about exactly what causes the effect of puffy eyes. We will also discuss when you should be concerned that it indicates something serious.

water retention fix puffy baggy eyes

1Is It Water Retention?

Much of the body consists of water. Because of this, we often think that sudden bloating in our stomach or under our eyes might just be water retention. The thing to understand is the fact that water should never accumulate in an area of the body that causes it to appear to be swollen.

If you find that you have puffiness under the eyes or elsewhere, then this is likely a part of the body's alarm system that is trying to alert you to the fact that there's something else going on that needs your attention. One of the things that might be an issue is if you have too little or too much sodium, magnesium, electrolytes, minerals, and other vital nutrients and elements that the body depends on. Very often, puffiness is the result of not only water but the fact that the body is lacking in the electrolytes that it needs.

 bags under the eyes can be a sign of ill health fix puffy baggy eyes

2Effects Of Aging

There is no stopping Father Time, and there will come a time when our age becomes a factor in how our body begins to appear. While there are many things that we can do, there are limits to what we can do to hold back the hands of time. If you're wondering if genetics will play a part, then you just need to consider the older members of your family to see if they have bags under their eyes.

If you begin to notice that there's a lot of puffiness under your eyes when you first wake up, then it may be from hormonal problems or allergies. Sometimes, it may be a sinus infection. According to ancient medicine, if the kidney begins to weaken, it can be the root cause of pouches or dark circles under the eyes.

 bags under the eyes can be a sign of ill health fix puffy baggy eyes

3Eye Bags Can Be A Sign Of Ill Health

It is important to remember that other than the natural effects of aging, anyone who experiences eye bags are having so because of some type of imbalance in their body. If you find that this condition stays without going away, then it's time to consider getting help by going in for some chiropractic care or acupuncture. Once your body has been brought back into balance, it will strengthen the body and will help to eliminate any symptoms that are proving to be stubborn.

Maintaining your body in this manner will serve to reduce the puffiness under your eyes. Don't wear makeup to bed; it can act as an irritation to your eyes and be one of the causes that lead to puffiness in the morning. As much as possible, you should avoid alcohol because it dehydrates the body and makes delicate areas, such as under the eyes, more susceptible to problems; when those areas become weakened, they can sink and appear to be like a pouch. Smoking is also a problem for the skin; ancient medicine directly linked the health of the lungs to the skin. Quitting smoking will help reduce the likelihood of getting wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes.

water retention fix puffy baggy eyes

4Solutions For Fluid Retention

You will first want to make sure that no serious medical condition exists, and once that is determined, then you'll want to follow these recommendations. Instead of using regular table salt, you should change to natural sea salt. Potassium and sodium are essential elements for healthy skin and the balance of fluid in the body; for this reason, salt should be used. It is necessary to drink good quality water and enough of it to keep the body in balance; we believe that spring water is the best choice. To a certain extent, you should eliminate coffee and alcohol, get enough exercise, and use natural diuretics when you need them.

An effective natural remedy for bags under the eyes is chilled bags of green tea. The most usual way to use these is to put them directly on the eye for up to 15 minutes and do this each day. An anti-inflammatory compound known as EGCG is found in green tea, and this is what helps reduce the bags under your eyes. This type of treatment is only a temporary solution, but it will bring some immediate relief, and it will help in slowing down the return of eye bags.

 sleep is a requirement fix puffy baggy eyes

5Sleep Is A Requirement

Sleep is the body's opportunity to restore itself. Failing to get enough sleep each night can and does cause puffiness and circles to form under the eyes and to become more prominent. This is caused in part by the fact that getting too little sleep leads to the dilation of blood vessels in the skin just under the eyes, and this causes the area to darken. As well as becoming dark, it can also swell to a degree. If any fluid leaks out, this leads to swelling and puffiness.

Here's a natural solution - use cold or frozen tea bags just underneath the eye for several minutes. This will help the blood vessels to shrink and fluid to retract. Of course, one of the best solutions to this problem is just to get enough sleep. Each person will require a different amount of sleep, but on average, most people need seven to nine hours a night. Younger people often need more sleep, while older ones typically need less.

 solutions for fluid retention fix puffy baggy eyes

6Damaged Ligaments Will Need Repair

The average person rarely thinks about ligaments or their health. But the body is full of these and especially just under the eyes. We want to maintain a youthful appearance.

So it's important to recognize the need to keep the ligaments healthy. These are tough tissues in the body that help to hold an organ in the body in the correct position. These also hold the bones together.

 effects of aging fix puffy baggy eyes

Vitamin C is the most recommended element to help maintain the health of ligaments. Many products are sold as vitamin C. Unfortunately, many of them are synthetic rather than natural.

Follow these recommendations. These will help the ligaments that are found just under the eye as well as all the ligaments in your body. And this will go a long way to help you fix puffy, baggy eyes and lessen the effect of age on the ligaments that have become weakened.

  • water retention fix puffy baggy eyes
  •  sleep is a requirement fix puffy baggy eyes
  •  solutions for fluid retention fix puffy baggy eyes
  •  solutions for fluid retention fix puffy baggy eyes
  •  solutions for fluid retention fix puffy baggy eyes
  •  solutions for fluid retention fix puffy baggy eyes