5 Ways To Fix Puffy, Baggy Eyes

get more and better quality sleep fix puffy baggy eyes
Stephanie Aguilar By Stephanie Aguilar | Editor

Why Do Puffy, Baggy Eyes Develop?

There are several reasons that our eyes will become puffy. And there are many symptoms of this condition. These include redness in the eye, blurred vision, itchiness, discharge from within the eye, and many other problems.

This can happen to anyone, including babies and older people, and there are many reasons that this condition can develop. But there are some that are more common than others. Here are the facts that will help explain why and get you on your way to fix puffy, baggy eyes.

 treat your eyes after crying fix puffy baggy eyes

1Get More And Better Quality Sleep

If you are always waking up with eyes that are puffy, this can be the result of many different things, which will include the type of position you have been sleeping in. If you happen to be lying on your back with no pillow at all, fluid can build up and collect underneath your eyes while you are sleeping, causing this to occur. This will actually make you look tired and even rough, even if you slept that night.

One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to use a pillow that can provide support for your head; it can prevent fluid from building up while you sleep and also eliminate the probability of you waking up with puffy eyes once again. It is also known that the amount of sleep that you get can directly cause the puffy eye condition, and if you sleep less than seven hours a night, the blood vessels that are underneath your eyes will dilate, causing them to rise to the surface, making it look as if you have puffy or swollen eyes. If you do a lot of drinking before you go to bed, specifically alcohol, or if you have too much salty food, you are likely going to wake up with puffy eyes in the morning.

 address contact lens irritation fix puffy baggy eyes

2Address Contact Lens Irritation

If you do wear contact lenses regularly and if you are not taking care of them, this may actually cause your eyes to become very puffy. If you are wearing contact lenses that are unclean or dirty or if you are keeping them in what would constitute an unsanitary case for prolonged periods of time, this can lead to your eyes becoming swollen or even infected. If you have a damaged lens or if both of them are cracked, your eyes can become puffy and itchy.

If you notice that your eyes are constantly looking red or are swollen or sore, you may suffer from constant irritation from the contact lenses. This type of irritation can lead to blurred vision, dry eyes, and a feeling as if there is actually something in your eye when there is not. Many people that wear contact lenses do suffer from problems just like this. When a person develops contact lens irritation and discomfort, it is something that can easily be rectified.

 treat your eyes after crying fix puffy baggy eyes

3Cure Your Allergies

One of the most common problems that people can have is allergies, and this will lead to the development of puffy eyes. If they are exposed to pollen, this will cause your eyes to become watery, itchy, or red, making them look puffy. This is actually referred to as allergic conjunctivitis, a condition that is due to pollen or mold spores that get into the eye, causing it to become inflamed. If the eye inflammation that you have is caused by allergies, this is just the body defending itself against what it perceives to be a threat or potential danger. The reaction could also be the result of medication that you are taking that creates a similar response.

Some people suffer from puffy eyes due to hay fever in the summer months; what they should do is apply a cold compress. If this is placed around the eyes, it can help with the swelling and itching. If you have a washcloth, you should soak that in cold water or refrigerate a damp towel and use it as a makeshift pillow over your eye. You will then want to lie down and press it on the area around your eyes, letting it reduce the overall swelling. You may also want to consider what is called allergy eye drops, as this has actually helped some people.

 improve your diet fix puffy baggy eyes

4Treat Your Eyes After Crying

If you see somebody that has a bright red nose, swollen face, and their eyes are also puffy, this is a clear sign that they have just finished crying. When people cry, their eyes naturally become swollen and puffy. This is caused by overflowing tears, particularly the fine tissues that are around the eyeball. In addition to this, you have more blood flow that comes into your face, and this will make your eyes appear more swollen and puffy on a temporary basis until the blood leaves, allowing the eyes to look normal once again.

If you want to eliminate this problem quickly, run your fingers under icy cold water (or just put them on top of a couple of ice cubes). Then, beginning with the inner corners, press down until you go from the inner to the outer corners of your eyes. By repeating this a couple of times, the fluid will begin to drain, specifically the fluid that has accumulated right underneath your eyes.

 treat your eyes after crying fix puffy baggy eyes

5Improve Your Diet

What is your daily intake of salt? If you have a substantial amount of salt in your body, this can encourage fluid retention. This will lead to puffy eyes.

This will also make the other areas of your body look swollen. You need to pay attention to how much sodium you are putting in your food, especially when consuming meals that are processed. The five strategies will help you reduce how much salt you have in your diet.

 treat your eyes after crying fix puffy baggy eyes

If you are eating healthy, and you are drinking plenty of water, you are going to look better, especially under your eyes. If you do not have enough protein or if you are dehydrated, your eyes will surely reflect this deficiency. There is really no magic vitamin or mineral that can fix puffy, baggy eyes.

It's just getting the best nutrition. Adults tend to drink between eight to 12 cups of water every single day. If they can do this, they will stay properly hydrated.

  • get more and better quality sleep fix puffy baggy eyes
  •  address contact lens irritation fix puffy baggy eyes
  •  treat your eyes after crying fix puffy baggy eyes
  •  address contact lens irritation fix puffy baggy eyes
  •  cure your allergies fix puffy baggy eyes
  •  address contact lens irritation fix puffy baggy eyes