9 Tips To Fix Puffy, Baggy Eyes

 beware of the sun and look for collagen fix puffy baggy eyes
Stephanie Aguilar By Stephanie Aguilar | Editor

 beware of the sun and look for collagen fix puffy baggy eyes

Rid Yourself Of Those Bags

Whether you happen to be a mature adult or someone who is in their 20s, bags underneath your eyes is the last thing that you want. Although it usually isn't anything you need to get alarmed about, having dark circles surrounding your eyes can make you look and feel older. That is something no one wants.

Under-eye puffiness, which is more common as you get older, usually isn't something that you need medical attention for. It is also called dark circles underneath the eyes, puffy eyes, or bags underneath the eyes. How can you fix puffy, baggy eyes?

use an all-natural eye cream fix puffy baggy eyes

1Use An All-Natural Eye Cream

Typically, aging causes the skin to dehydrate due to an insufficient amount of collagen. Therefore, moisturizing is critical. Numerous creams are available; however, using a homemade eye cream is recommended. You can either try using it in the morning, at night, or at both times.

There's another baggy eye solution that you can try out at night, right before you go to bed. It contains Aloe vera, lemon and lavender essential oils, and rosehip oil. It will help to regenerate your skin and reduce inflammation.

 use salt wisely fix puffy baggy eyes

2Exercise Away Your Bags

Exercising is an entirely natural way of reducing aging signs, and you can help to promote a youthful glow for your skin. Mainly, special facial exercises will benefit the area that is around your eyes. Yoga for your face uses slow exercises on the facial muscles to help tighten and tone them.

These exercises involve pressure and different facial expressions. Regular yoga is also something that should not be forgotten for all of the benefits it can provide. The inverted poses, like backbends and shoulder stands, can help to increase the amount of circulation to one's face, and that helps to relieve the swelling and carry the excess fluid away.

 use salt wisely fix puffy baggy eyes

3Use Salt Wisely

Salt is frequently associated with high blood pressure; however, were you aware that sodium may cause you to retain fluid, which results in puffiness around your eyes? If you are going to use salt, pure Himalayan sea salt is what you should use and just a small amount. Avoid eating salty foods, such as some soups and pizza. Choose fresh vegetables instead, celery in particular, which can help to curb your craving for salt!

However, did you realize that salt can be used for flushing your sinuses out? There is an ancient remedy called a neti pot that can be used as part of your daily regimen to help with combating your puffy eyes. This can help with flushing all of that extra moisture out of your sinuses that come from infections, colds, or seasonal allergies. Just pour salt water into one of your nostrils and allow it to drain out of your other nostril and into the bathroom sink. At first, it might feel strange, but actually, it is quite refreshing and cleansing.

 beware of the sun and look for collagen fix puffy baggy eyes

4Beware Of The Sun And Look For Collagen

Being exposed to too much sun can cause the skin surrounding your eyes to wrinkle and sag, in addition to causing your skin to dehydrate. A homemade or mineral-based sunscreen, along with a hat and UV-protected sunglasses, can really help to protect your face against harmful rays. This will keep the skin surrounding your eyes from ultimately darkening and creping due to the sun's effects.

The most abundant protein within our bodies is collagen. It is found within our tendons, skin, bones, and muscles and provides our skin with elasticity and strength and helps with replacing dead skin cells. The collagen production of your body starts to slow down naturally as you age. This is what causes eye bags. When collagen levels are increased, it can help repair and renew your skin cells normally, increasing the smoothness and making your skin look firmer.

use an all-natural eye cream fix puffy baggy eyes

5Get A Bedtime Routine Developed

When your eye makeup is left on, it can irritate your eyes. It will cause them to get puffy and water. Be sure to take off your eye makeup gently before you go to sleep to help with eliminating any extra irritation around your eyes.

When you sleep on your back, it may prevent gravity from causing the fluid around your eyes to build up. You also might want to add another pillow underneath your head, but be sure that the pillow is one that will help you get good sleep. If you are unable to sleep, then it may add dark circles to your under-eye issue.

 use salt wisely fix puffy baggy eyes

6Eliminate Or Limit Alcohol

Your skin and body get dehydrated by alcohol. The dehydration may cause those delicate areas of skin around your eyes to look more dark and sunken. Alcohol may also cause tired, bloodshot eyes.

Go easy on how much alcohol you consume by not having more than one drink per day. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water instead. It will make you feel refreshed and will make your eyes wide open, which will make the skin surrounding your eyes glow due to being more hydrated.

 get a bedtime routine developed fix puffy baggy eyes

7Take Good Care Of Yourself

Most likely, you are very aware whenever your allergies start flaring up since puffy and watery eyes and allergy season are things that are inevitable for many people. For your allergies, try out natural remedies, like essential oils, to help with managing them and catching them even before they have a chance to get started. You should also have an allergy essential blend in a small vial handy since some allergies may sneak up when you are not expecting it.

Smoking cigarettes dries the skin out and also weakens the skin on your entire body as well as your face. It causes premature aging, particularly around your eyes. The chemicals that are in cigarettes are toxic and may cause your eyes to become irritated, and that can result in bags or dark circles, along with a droopy, wrinkled appearance. If you are under the grips of addiction, an electronic cigarette is something you might want to try out.

 get a bedtime routine developed fix puffy baggy eyes

8Try Using A Cucumber And A Cold Compress

Try using a cold compress if your eyes are puffy and swollen. It can help with reducing puffy eyes and can be very relaxing as well, which will add to your youthful appearance. Leave it on for 15 minutes, and then get up looking refreshed!

This effect can be achieved by placing chilled spoons on your eyes. You can also use dampened or chilled tea bags or cucumber slices, along with one drop of lavender essential oil. What makes this home remedy so efficient is the cool temperature.

use an all-natural eye cream fix puffy baggy eyes

9Keep A Cover-Up Close By

A concealer can often be used for hiding dark circles. Some mineral-based options are available; however, you can make one at home as well. You can select options that match your skin tone and then just lightly apply it by patting it on the skin surrounding your eyes.

Don't rub this into your skin since that might cause more irritation. Don't use too much either. You want your skin to have a natural appearance. If you use too much, it can make creped skin, wrinkles, and dark circles stand out even more.

 get a bedtime routine developed fix puffy baggy eyes

Bags under the eyes might include dark circles, loose or saggy skin, or mild swelling. Although you might want to fix puffy, baggy eyes, they are usually harmless. No medical attention is required.

However, if you are experiencing persistent and severe bags, along with pain, itching, or redness, you might want to visit a doctor. If you see any redness on other parts of your body or pain or itching, like in your legs, then you might be having an allergic reaction. This needs medical attention.

  •  beware of the sun and look for collagen fix puffy baggy eyes
  •  use salt wisely fix puffy baggy eyes
  • use an all-natural eye cream fix puffy baggy eyes
  •  exercise away your bags fix puffy baggy eyes
  •  get a bedtime routine developed fix puffy baggy eyes
  •  get a bedtime routine developed fix puffy baggy eyes