8 60-Second Tricks To Fix Puffy Baggy Eyes

Lisa McCurdy By Lisa McCurdy | Author

No More Bags - In Under A Minute!

That day when you look in the mirror and begin to notice that you have bags under your eyes isn't fun. There are numerous reasons behind why it's happening, and many could be the culprit all at once. Pinpointing those causes can be a bit of a mission, but you're in luck.

With these 8 60 second tricks, you can be on your way to fix puffy baggy eyes in no time. From a few makeup tricks to a quick massage, and even a small diet change, let's get started.

1Run A Quick Check-Up From The Neck Up

Start by massaging the nape of the neck. When your muscles tense up due to stress, they restrict blood vessels and decrease the amount of blood flowing to your head. Giving the nape of your neck a nice one-minute massage loosens those muscles up again. Healthy blood flow is vital for keeping stress at bay and thinking clearly, and that massage will prevent the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which can block the production of collagen. That means you get a fresher look and healthier, less lined skin.

Get mousse into your hair all the way from the roots to the tips, bun your tresses up in the morning, and then take it down when the working day is done for loose, flowing waves that are club-ready. This is a superb way to navigate the day-to-night transition and your total prep time is a minute or less. For more volume, gently tug the hair on the top of your head forward and loosen it without pulling it entirely free of the bun; this way, it will stay lifted as it sets.

2Learn The Strategic Way To Use Makeup

Start by using a little dark brown liner on the insides of your upper lids to make your eyes look fresher. The contrast between the brown color and the whites of your eyes will perk you right up and keep you looking well-rested even if you're running a sleep deficit (note that black liner is often too harsh for daytime wear).

Lipstick can put a pop of color into your eyes and cheeks as well as your lips. If you need to get your makeup on quickly, use your favorite lipstick on your lips, cheekbones, and eyelids to deliver a rapid-fire polished look. Want details on this technique? Just click here.

3Do An All-Over Dry Brush

You can get a great light exfoliation effect by using a body brush (stiffer bristles on either a long or a short handle) on every part of your skin. It doesn't just perk up your circulation, it also encourages lymphatic drainage. Say what? Don't worry; this little bit of science isn't nearly as well-known as it should be.

The lymph system basically acts as the garbage disposal for the cells in your body; better drainage translates into clearer skin and an overall boost to your general health. Brush in upward strokes toward your heart to get things moving in the right direction. Remember to bring that brush into the shower with you and rinse off the dead skin it's picked up!

4Beat Puffiness With A Rollerball

That puffy "up all night" look is often caused by pooled liquid in the skin around your eyes. You can get that liquid moving again by using a rollerball eye serum (stainless steel tips are best) in this four-motion pattern: Start at the inner corner of the eye, roll on serum under your brow, and take the serum out to the corner of the brow bone. Make four passes in this fashion.

Next up, run the rollerball from the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner, again making four repetitions. Return from the outer corner to the inner corner, covering the crease along the way. Repeat four times. Wrap it up by circling your eye entirely, and you're done. Afterward, you should notice a lifting effect and a significant reduction in puffiness.

5Brighten Your Eyes While Maintaining Your Brows

Stray hairs should be taken care of with a brow razor. Plucking your brows can give you trouble in the long term because the hair will stop growing back and lock you into a single brow shape forever. A brow razor (Sally Hansen's Get In Shape Brow Shapers are excellent) will give you total control over your brow shape without causing any permanent harm.

Treat the inner corners of your eyes with a luminizer. Just use a clean finger with a subtle luminizer (not too sparkly) and dab it into the corner of your eye. Your finger's heat will help the product melt into your skin, leaving behind a fresh wide-awake look.

6Fine-Tune Your Mood With The Right Scents

If you're stressing out around the middle of the day, take a whiff of eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil. These scents clear your nose, improve blood flow, and encourage a feeling of calm. Staying positive and stress-free will keep you from getting too harsh about your appearance. Remember that how you feel impacts how you look!

Fire up a soy candle rather than a synthetic or paraffin-based one. Most soy candles come with essential oils that can energize you; paraffin candles are, in contrast, loaded with petroleum products that can induce drowsiness or lead to skin issues like eczema.

7Boost Your Energy Inside And Out

Try using probiotics. Probiotic supplements improve the healthy balance of bacteria in your gut, and that translates into higher energy levels and clearer skin. It's important to talk about probiotics with your doctor before you start taking them regularly, though.

Keep a rosewater spray close at hand throughout the day and spritz your skin regularly. When your skin runs out of moisture, you start losing collagen. If you're starting to feel dry and tight, give your face a quick spritz of rosewater to enjoy its inflammation-reducing and cellular function-boosting effects along with moisturization. Let the rosewater soak in without touching your face; you don't want to transfer bacteria from your hands! This is a great way to keep your skin looking young.

8Take Care Of Your Nails And Hair

Use warm water for most of your hair-washing needs, switching to a cooler temperature at the end to close up the cuticle and make it shinier. Use an apple cider vinegar rinse after you've washed your hair. You can also use apple cider vinegar for a quick dip to boost your shine.

Make sure your nails get buffed! If there's no time for a full manicure, you can still use a buffing block. You'll be impressed by the highly-polished results you can achieve in just a few seconds. With these tricks, the time is now to fix puffy baggy eyes. Good luck!